What is the application process like at DataSift?

Our application process is designed to be rigorous as well as to offer a sense of what it is like to work at DataSift. Every CV is reviewed by our Talent Acquisition team and they will invite you for a phone interview if you could be a fit for the role. The phone interview will give you more insight to the role and working at DataSift. We also want to learn about your career aspirations.

Most of our teams in engineering, product marketing, sales and client services will ask you to complete a short project that will help you understand some of the tasks that will be asked of you and will show us how you approach a problem. Depending on the department this project might come at the beginning of the interview process or a little later. After completing successful phone interviews and a technical project, you will be asked to come into the office for a series of in-person interviews. If you are interviewing for a role on the engineering team you will start your morning by meeting the team and working on another short project. In the afternoon session you will have one on one interviews to meet more of the team.

Why do I need to do a technical project?

DataSift is a great place to work and getting a job here is extremely competitive. Since we receive hundreds of CV's each week, the project helps us assess your creativity, experience and talent.

How should I prepare for my interviews?

Before your first screening we expect you to understand a little about DataSift. We recommend preparing by reviewing our website, reading our blogs, looking up recent press coverage and signing up for a DataSift account to try our platform (its free!).

After the interview, what are the next steps?

We like to move quickly in our interview process. Our Talent Acquisition team will be in touch immediately.