The DataSift Story

Our vision is that all organizations will make the use of Social Data integral to their planning and decision-making processes.
Nick Halstead, CEO & Founder, DataSift

How it all started

DataSift was founded by Nick Halstead to help organizations improve their understanding and use of Social Media. DataSift is focused on producing state-of-the-art data-filtering technology and driving innovation in Big Data. DataSift started its life as an offshoot from TweetMeme, the highly popular Twitter news feed service. After witnessing how quickly Social Media impacted organizations, Nick Halstead set out to create a platform to help companies manage Social Media and capitalize on the insights to be found within the data.

Our vision for social data

Our vision is that all organizations will make the use of Social Media data integral to their planning and decision-making processes. Members of organizations at all levels will have access to easy-to-use tools for capturing, analyzing and acting on real-time social data. For this to happen, Social Media data needs to be affordable and easy to use.

Meet our leadership team
Social Data is critical for business because people have gotten over the hump that social media is important and now they're trying to get to the next step. This involves measuring activity to see what's working and what's not and discovering how they can optimize their programs - without data and quantitative analysis they really can't do that.
Guy Kawasaki, DataSift Investor and Advisor

Our company culture

At DataSift, we are passionate about the endless opportunities presented by Social and Big Data. Our team are avid users of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress and other Social Media services. We love helping organizations get a better understanding of how Social Media data can be used to achieve business objectives. Having offices in two countries essentially means we are working 24 hours a day to help our customers find new uses for Social Media.

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