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Success Stories
  • Sharethrough
  • Yum Brands
  • Conversocial
  • Dell
A valuable element of Sharethrough's platform is the tracking of all sharing of a customer's branded content across major social media channels and delivery of valuable insights within that social data. We use DataSift to provide our customers with a list of people most influential in promoting their content via Twitter. The Historics preview feature is exciting because it allows us to test these queries for influencers in minutes before we run kick off costly analysis spanning months of data.
Robert Slifka, VP of Engineering, Sharethrough
We got some 'wow' level insights and thinking from the DataSift Services team. They have delivered way more than what we could have imagined and are great to work with.
Charles Ingram, Senior Director, Technology Innovation, Yum Brands
Our development team is extremely focused on prioritization, workflow and analytics that help our clients deliver better customer service. By using DataSift to pull in and parse all of the social data, it's freed up a lot of our developers time and headaches that otherwise would have been spent trying to do that ourselves. It allows us to focus on what really matters.
Joshua March, CEO, Conversocial
DataSift is the backbone for our Social Media Analytics platform. It aggregates data in real-time and feeds the data to our social media analytics platform to calculate a social metric aka Social Net Advocacy (SNA). SNA enables Dell to monitor our brand advocacy translating social media conversations into a near real-time NPS score.
Shree Dandekar, Chief Strategist BI & Analytics, Dell

Uniting Customers And Companies

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Success Stories
  • CBS Interactive
  • Dachis Group
  • Pulsar
  • LocalResponse
In the past when you made content it was sort of an island. Now it's totally intertwined with a conversation and that's what really interesting about social. You have to see what people are saying and insert your content in such a way that it fits in and then track how it's performing. So we really see social data and social monitoring as increasingly an integral part of how content producers create and publish content.
Peter Yared, CTO & CIO, CBS Interactive
It's become a trivial task to find someone who mentions a brand keyword online. The much harder challenge has been sifting through the massive universe of data to find the key individuals that are important to a brand's business performance, and then identify the non-brand related conversations that are ripe for brand participation. With DataSift, we've developed patent pending systems for doing exactly that.
Erik Huddleston, CTO & EVP of Product, Dachis Group
As central as it is in the social media marketing ecosystem, Facebook is still one of the most complicated channels to analyze and brand leaders are struggling for better insight. DataSift is a significant step towards changing that. Our users can now easily analyze customer interactions across hundreds of Facebook Pages and millions of interactions to gain unprecedented insight into customers, segments, markets and competitors.
Francesco D'Orazio, VP Product, Pulsar
As public intent data continues to grow in scale and complexity, DataSift helps us stay at the forefront of leveraging this data.
Michael Muse, Co-founder and VP of Products & Operations, LocalResponse

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