Facebook topic data

The largest social data source.


Facebook topic data gives full access to
the #1 social platform for marketers

• 1.13 billion daily active users spending 50 minutes a day on Facebook

• 50 million businesses with active Facebook pages

• 6x more insights than Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and forums combined

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Don't miss out on the big picture

With Facebook topic data you can build insights into Audiences,
Content and Engagement.

Don't miss out on the big picture

Learn how to access the
largest source of public opinion

For the first time, you can understand what your audiences are passionate about, the moments that matter to them and their opinions on your products on the world’s largest social platform, Facebook, all in a way that protects people’s privacy. The possibilities are endless!

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Brand analytics

Brand analytics for brand reputation management,
campaign & competitve analysis.

Industry and topic research

Industry and topic research to benchmark
industries or build vertical applications.

Content and media analysis

Content and media shares analysis for
influential media and content discovery.

Market research

Market research into audiences to inform
creative and campaigns including
audience affinity analysis.


10 Reasons Facebook topic data will change your world

Getting meaningful insights from social data has come with challenges that have been difficult for businesses to overcome. Typical challenges include having a relatively small sample size or having a self-promotional bias. Here are 10 reasons why Facebook topic data can change all that.

10 Reasons Facebook topic data will change your world

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