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Do cute cat ads work for dads?

Facebook topic data knows.


Facebook topic data knows audience research including the best engagement driver for dads.

If you are not familiar with Facebook topic data, Facebook topic data lets marketers access insights from all the posts, comments and likes across the entire Facebook platform, in a privacy-safe way. For the first time, businesses can see what audiences are sharing about events, brands, subjects and activities across Facebook. Facebook topic data is anonymized and aggregated for privacy protection but is multidimensional with over 60 analysis attributes to help you truly uncover the audience insights that you care about.

When you suddenly have access to billions of data points with countless ways to slice and dice the data, the application is essentially limitless. We’ve gathered a few common use cases of Facebook topic data that range from brand health management to content optimization.

  • A TV show found out the best scenes and strongest character engagement for future writing and casting decisions.
  • A snack brand discovered peak pre-game excitement engagement to optimize
    ad placement timing.
  • A global brand defended its reputation by uncovering groups engaging negatively
    with its product.

Understanding audiences has never been so easy

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