Partner sales toolkit

All the tools you need to start marketing
your product with Facebook topic data.




The explainer video and the instructions document explain how to best take advantage of the toolkit and understand how the content are intended to be used. It includes some guidelines that you need to follow.

Download: QuickTime Video | Adobe PDF

Facebook topic data video

We created an explainer video for Facebook topic data that covers what it is and what you can do with it. Feel free to share and spread the word about Facebook topic data.

Download: MP4 Video

Sales presentation

The sales presentation is designed to provide your customers and prospects with introductory content on what is Facebook topic data, how it works, and how to use it. You can brand and edit the deck to include your own solution. We provided a talk track video to show you an example of how you can present the slides.

Download: Microsoft PowerPoint | Apple Keynote | MP4 Video

Datasheet template

The datasheet template is designed as a piece of “leave behind” collateral giving a very high level overview of the features, benefits and uses of Facebook topic data. It is provided in InDesign and Word format so that you can edit it and present the information in your own way.

Download: Adobe InDesign | Microsoft Word

Case study templates

These templates showcase ten sample use cases of Facebook topic data from a TV producer to an ad agency. The use cases are provided as a complete ebook or as individual use cases, so that you can edit it and present the information in your own way.

Download ebook: Adobe InDesign | Microsoft Word

Download individual case studies: Adobe Illustrator

Facebook topic data infographic

The infographic highlights the value of Facebook topic data with some impressive stats. The theme of the infographic is to show an explosion of digital/social data and how much value is untapped until now with Facebook topic data. It is provided in DataSift branded PDF and in Illustrator for you add your own logo and contact details.

Download: Adobe Illustrator | Adobe PDF

Design patterns

Design patterns are PYLON guides developed for product managers and developers building Facebook topic data solutions. They cover common use cases utilizing key PYLON features and reusable techniques tackling common challenges when building applications with the platform.

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Useful links

A set of links to useful content provide by DataSift such as Facebook topic data learning center, guides, webinars, and ebooks.

Download: Adobe PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ document that you can share with your customers or prospects. You may want to modify it to include information about your own solution.

Download: Microsoft Word