10 reasons Facebook topic data will change your world

10 reasons Facebook topic data will change your world eBook

Businesses have been gaining insights from social data for around a decade now and a large ecosystem of application makers has sprung-up and blossomed to meet the expanding needs of marketers, customer service agents and product developers. However, getting meaningful insights from the data available has come with challenges that have been difficult for businesses to overcome.

Having access to all of the posts, likes, shares and comments on Facebook goes a long way to solving the problems of sample size and "self-promotion bias", because the data is different both quantitatively and qualitatively to the social data that has been available before. However, because it is different, it has to be treated differently. The privacy of people on Facebook must be respected and protected; this is where aggregated and anonymized insights from PYLON for Facebook Topic Data come in.

In this eBook we will present 10 reasons to get excited by Facebook topic data and embrace change. You’ll read about the importance of Facebook as a channel, you’ll hear why the data is unique and you’ll see the sorts of insights that can be garnered.


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