On Demand Webinar

A First Look at Facebook Topic Data

A First Look at Facebook Topic Data On Demand Webinar


With 1.39 billion monthly users, over 7 billion likes per day and more than 2 million active advertisers, some might say that access to Facebook is the Holy Grail of data. But since Facebook’s privacy and sharing model means that raw data is not available to analyze, businesses have never had access to what may be the world’s largest record of human thought.

With our industry first partnership, aggregate analysis is now enabled across the entirety of Facebook users and not just the public profiles. This opens up an entire world of previously unavailable data creating extraordinary new potential for marketers. Join us for a first look at Facebook topic data where we will cover:

  • Speakers: Lu'chen Foster, Product Marketing, Facebook & Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift
  • What’s included in topic data, such as Status Updates, Page Posts, Comments and more
  • How PYLON for Facebook Topic Data provides insights while protecting identity
  • Why this means you can focus on building insights, not infrastructure
  • How you can access Facebook topic data for the first time ever

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