On Demand Webinar

Boosting your brand marketing with Facebook topic data insights

Boosting your brand marketing with Facebook topic data insights On Demand Webinar


You have a new market entrant. You would like to know how it’s impacting your brand. So the first thing you do is to find out your share of voice in the market. What now?

Indeed, knowing your brand’s share of voice is important for monitoring your brand health, but wouldn’t it be even better if you know how it varies among different demographic groups, how audiences are engaging with your brand and what features or products are driving your top engagements?

We believe so. It is in the details that makes the difference and can truly impact your brand marketing. The share of voice use case is but one of the many Facebook topic data insights that can help you turn a good first start into a full fledged brand marketing strategy.

In this webinar you will learn about the different ways your brand can apply Facebook topic data to achieve the brand marketing results you’ve always wanted Explore the brand health use case and three other examples of how Facebook topic data insights can help you discover the undiscoverable

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