Busting brand myths with Facebook topic data

Busting brand myths with Facebook topic data eBook

Real-life examples of brands that discovered the undiscoverable using topic data

With more than a billion people using it every day, Facebook is the world’s largest social platform and the one that more than half of marketers say is the most important to them. Understanding what audiences are sharing and engaging with on Facebook has been a goal for many for a long time. However, doing so has been difficult.

With Facebook topic data, understanding audiences has never been so easy. Topic data allows insights to be drawn from posts, likes, comments and shares across the entire Facebook network. Now that you can finally access this data, what can you actually do with it?

In this ebook we present ten specific real-life examples of Facebook topic data in action. These examples will give you a glimpse of the opportunities for businesses in general - and marketers in particular - to make better decisions, based on better data.

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