On Demand Webinar

Get a Clearer Picture of Your Target
Audience with Facebook Topic Data

Get a Clearer Picture of Your Target<br />Audience with Facebook Topic Data On Demand Webinar


Did you hear the one about a snack brand that made assumptions based on focus group data that turned out completely wrong?

According to Facebook topic data, we’re snacking with family not friends when watching big sports events. Who knew?!

With Facebook on its way to capture 65% of social network ad revenues in 2015, Facebook topic data is uniquely placed to deliver invaluable insights into the opinions of 1.49 billion of Facebook’s monthly users. Brands can now work with one of DataSift’s partners to gain access to this data and test their hypotheses.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where you will:

  • See real-life use case examples of how marketers and agencies are leveraging Facebook topic data
  • Learn about our recent updates to PYLON for Facebook topic data and how these new features will make your life easier when analyzing Facebook topic data
  • Have your questions about Facebook topic data answered

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