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Do market research like never before

Social media analytics is becoming one of the most popular research techniques
for research firms with obvious benefits such as real-time, genuine feedback without
social desirability or sampling biases.

The challenge, however, lies in how to make sense of unstructured data at big data scale.
DataSift provides real-time data processing at social data scale that lets you focus on what you do best - providing market intelligence to your clients.

Nonintrusive research
Nonintrusive research

Access genuine social interaction without the biases in traditional research techniques.

Big data ready
Big Data ready

Leverage social data without the complexity of unstructured data. Leave data enrichment, filtering and categorization to us.

Actionable data
Actionable data

Understand the market with detailed demographics and behavioral data.


What kind of insights are available?

DataSift eliminates complexity and time-consuming data post-processing so you can focus on delivering actionable insights. The use cases and possibilities we support include:

Share of voice

Brand reputation management
Campaign analysis
Competitive analysis

Audience research

Influential media analysis
Topic Analysis
Content discovery

Market research

Industry benchmarking
Topic-specific analysis
Vertical applications (e.g. TV)

Campaign effectiveness

Creative and campaign design
Audience affinity analysis
Audience discovery/expansion


Gain full, unfiltered access to
Facebook topic data

Facebook topic data gives you access to the world’s largest focus group that can help you understand the market, discover new audience and topics they are interested. With Facebook topic data, you have full access to what people are posting, sharing, and engaging on the entire Facebook network.

How PYLON for Facebook Topic Data works


What are some examples in action?

The power of Facebook topic data insights is impacting business decisions in every industry and function. Here are some examples of how companies are using Facebook topic data to revamp their business strategies.

CPG brand explores Millenials' attitude toward food

A CPG company used Facebook topic data to measure and understand the Millennials market to develop better creative campaigns. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Ad agency drives unique insight for an automaker

An ad agency working with an automaker used Facebook topic data to understand more about their audience and their behavior. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Personal care brand builds new creative for advertisement

A global personal care brand used Facebook topic data to better understand how consumers engaged with its brand and a new market entrant. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY


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