It's really important to be able to curate what's interesting out of social content and surface that. And that really requires a robust platform where we can dig in and figure out exactly what is relevant.
Peter Yared, CTO & CIO, CBS Interactive

Social data is core to business success

It encompasses many things: the voice of your customers, the activities of your competitors, and the preferences of the marketplace. There is a massive amount of content being created and shared continuously across multiple networks and in various formats.







Platform that scales for social


Broad, unified and compliant access

Social data is complex and is dispersed across multiple networks in various formats. DataSift aggregates real-time and historical data from thousands of sources including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs and forums into a single platform.

Single API and unified data format across the world’s social networks, news and other data sources.
Access historic social data simultaneously with real-time data from a platform containing over 400 Billion data items across multiple social networks.
Ensure compliance with the data providers Terms of Service.

Filter the signal from the noise

Social data is noisy. Whether you’re trying to social analyze trends within an industry, or mentions of your products or brands, you need a platform that can filter out the noise and allow you to focus on the data that’s most relevant to you. This is especially important when you are paying for the social data you receive.

At the heart of the DataSift platform is a high-performance filtering engine with which you can find the exact content and conversations that are relevant to your business.

  • Go beyond keywords and filter on more than over 300 unique fields including author, location, language, and demographics.
  • Filter with greater precision by using advanced search operations including regular expressions, text pattern matching, and substrings to get the most relevant data.
  • Create filters visually using our Query Builder or code them using our powerful Curated Stream Definition Language (CSDL).

Deliver for analysis

Social data is valuable across the business. You need a simple and foolproof way to deliver large volumes of social data into any application, business intelligence tool, report or dashboard across the company. The DataSift platform offers several ways with which you can do this.

Leverage one of our pre-built integrations with popular BI tools, applications and developer tools to deliver the data into your business.
Use our APIs to stream data in real-time into your applications.
Simplify integration with DataSift PUSH protocol which guarantees data delivery to your endpoint systems.

Built on technology that scales for social

Social data is big and getting bigger. What’s needed is a technology platform that can handle billions of social interactions and queries with sub-second response times.

DataSift powers a growing ecosystem of business-critical applications - from real-time stock trading, to emergency-response applications. By focusing on the data-layer of Social, we free you up to focus to how to analyze and take actions from Social data signals.

  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership. By partnering with DataSift, we can do the heavy lifting in big-data processing for your social application, leaving you free to focus your efforts on extracting insights from social data, and taking action.
  • Trust and Transparency: In addition to our 99.9% platform SLA, we provide a real-time, public dashboard on our service performance and availability.
  • Flexible platform and pricing: DataSift is an elastic, cloud platform. You pay for the processing you use on our service and the data you receive from us. This makes it simple to get started, and scale with your business.