Tap into the ideas and insights within your company’s community.

Almost a thousand of the world’s most innovative enterprises use Jive software to manage collaboration and communication between both employees and customers. Online communities powered by Jive can serve to increase sales, improve service and boost customer satisfaction.
almost 1000 companies
millions of users
pioneer in online communities

DataSift + Jive

Get the maximum ROI out of your Jive instance. Enriched data from DataSift can identify the customer advocates, ideas, and content that drive business objectives.

Discover brand advocates

Get a stronger sense of who your company’s biggest champions are. Break down your community demographics by gender, language, and even happiness level.

Gauge community health

Measure how you are doing within different segments within your community. Use sentiment detection to figure out hot button issues and areas of strength or improvement.

Tune into feedback

Customer communities contain a wealth of ideas from the people who use your products or services the most. Find, rate, and categorize posts that can help your company grow.

Jive Overview

An overview of everything Jive provides

UsersMillions of people use Jive communities everyday.
CustomersAlmost 1,000 enterprises
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