Sina Weibo

Integrate and analyze data from Asia’s leading social platform.

In China, where access to Twitter and Facebook is not widely available, (Sina Weibo) is the dominant player on the social landscape. For any company that has a presence there, or needs to understand how to market to the second-largest economy in the world – Sina Weibo is a key data source that can give you the insight you need.
Sina Weibo
500+ million users
56 million daily active users in China
100+ million posts per day

DataSift + Sina Weibo

Never miss a comment, post or “like” again. DataSift brings in the full torrent of data flooding from and makes it useful with robust data enrichments and features such as:

Chinese Language Processing

Leverage Chinese word tokenization and text processing techniques for precise identification of terms like brands, products and slang. Mandarin is also supported via character chunking - which allows for more accurate keyword and phrase detection.

Context & Enrichments

Bring context to every post with enrichments such as gender and language detection. These gives you a stronger signal on the people and communities involved.

Customizable Scoring

Score each post with classifiers you can designate. Categorize data based on signals such as intent to purchase, customer service requests, or content about competitors.

Sina Weibo Overview

An overview of everything Sina Weibo provides

Interactions100+ million posts/day
Users500+ million users
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