Tap into our expertise

It can be daunting to tackle the volume and complexity that comes with collecting and analyzing social data. No matter what your technical background, role or specific goals are.

Services We Offer

We provide a blend of services that can support any business need.

  • Technical Developers

    Get advanced training on APIs, DataSift CSDL language and query logic to improve your results and make sure you’re getting the most out of our platform.

  • Project Team Leads

    Accelerate your integration and implementation by utilizing our team to configure sources, add enrichments and advise on optimization and BI or Data Warehouse integration.

  • Business Users

    Outsource the management of your DataSift account to us when you don’t have the internal resources at hand.

We got some 'wow' level insights and thinking from the DataSift Services team. They have delivered way more than what we could have imagined and are great to work with.
Charles Ingram, Senior Director, Technology Innovation, Yum Brands

Select From These DataSift Services

All of our customers will go through an on-boarding and orientation service that will get them up and running and ready to go. Based on your team’s requirements you can add on any of the following services:


  • Classes for all levels  mean whether you’re Intermediate, Advanced or Expert you can always find the right fit. Courses are delivered online or as an in-person workshop.
  • Comprehensive curriculums  cover everything from how to master CSDL, integrate with our APIs, and make the most of the output data.

Guided Deployment

  • Source & Enrichment Deployments  start with planning and executing the configuration of one initial source and it’s relevant filters and seeing the data come to life. Additional sources, and enrichments like NLP, Links or Demographics, can be added on incrementally.
  • Advanced Options  include Optimization & Insight services provide you with more custom insight and guidance as you drill deeper into the data. Advisory Services guide your team on how to deploy dashboards and gain insight in the Business Intelligence tool of your choice.

Managed Services

  • Retained Services  are offered as premium access to DataSift expert resources on-demand for specific projects.
  • Outsource  to our team to handle a spectrum of tasks, from day-to-day management and administration of your DataSift account, filters and streams to advising on distinct projects. Your requests are staffed within 1 business day, fast-tracking your results.

Interested in our services?

Whether it's determining the best way to write your filter, learning how to use CSDL or architecting the way the data will be delivered to your system, the DataSift services team are available to help.