Infuse Social Data Into Your Business

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Social Data For Enterprise

Social data can provide businesses with unparalleled insight into the state of their brand, their customer's preferences and their competitor's activities. But it's often siloed, if available at all, and enterprises face unique challenges in integrating social data into their core business processes.

Limitations With Current Tools

As your use of social media matures, your need to dive into specifics, go beyond keywords and tie the results into your native business tools increases.

Overwhelming Volume

With exponential growth of social data expected to continue, you need to build for today while planning how to scale in the future.

Unwieldy Format

Overloaded IT departments struggle to consume unstructured social data and integrate it into systems that marketing, product, and other business stakeholders can use.

With social data, we're tying our content together with how it'll be seen socially, and we're getting to the point where producers are starting to use social in their programming decisions and content creation decisions and we just see that becoming an ingrained part of how people work.
Peter Yared, CTO & CIO, CBS Interactive

The DataSift Advantage

By leveraging the DataSift Social Data Platform to bypass many of these challenges and deliver social data to the business intelligence or analytics tool of your choice, you can empower users throughout your organization to do the following:

Maximize Campaign Performance

  • Leverage  demographics to identify what influencers and audiences drive social conversions and impact.
  • Uncover  what content and topics resonate by audience and uncover content gaps.

Monitor Brand Reputation

  • Go beyond  keyword tracking to see a full picture of what customers and prospects are saying about your brand and industry and get ahead of any potential crises.
  • Filter by  any combination of author, location, language, data enrichments, demographics, metadata, and keywords to find what’s relevant.

Drive Product Innovation

  • Contextualize  your data with Klout score, sentiment, language, link content and more to drill into social conversations and derive actionable feedback.
  • Track  interests and feature requests by specific demographic and behavioral segments.