PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Privacy-first technology for building insights from Facebook data.


Valuable insights from Facebook
without compromising consumer trust

PYLON for Facebook Topic Data enables companies to analyze what is being shared on Facebook while respecting privacy.

Unrivalled access
Unrivalled access

Access the world's biggest source of public opinion data on Earth.


Aggregated and anonymized results protect user privacy.

Build insights, not infrastructure
Build insights, not infrastructure

Data is processed inside Facebook’s data center, so you can focus on building valuable insights.


Try Facebook topic data for free

Explore new opportunities with Facebook topic data.

Apply for a 14-day free trial to see how insights from Facebook topic data can help marketers understand their customers better and create more effective marketing campaign. Once approved, you will gain instant access to three rich data sets (automotive, retail and film & TV) for exploring the full potential of Facebook topic data.


Gain access to previously unavailable
Facebook topic data

Analyze anonymous and aggregated content data on
what audiences are sharing on Facebook.

How PYLON for Facebook Topic Data works

  • Posts and Pages posts
  • Engagement data from Likes, Shares and comments (no text)
  • Links and hashtags
  • 60+ attributes
  • Audience demographics: gender, age range and self-declared location
  • Sentiment
  • Open Graph data: topics and entities

Busting brand myths with Facebook topic data

Real-life examples of brands that discovered the undiscoverable using topic data.

Understanding what audiences are sharing and engaging with on Facebook has been a goal for many for a long time. However, doing so has been difficult. Facebook topic data allows insights to be drawn from posts, likes, comments and shares across the entire Facebook network. What does that mean for businesses? These real-life examples will give you a glimpse of the opportunities for businesses and marketers to make better decisions, based on better data.

Busting brand myths with Facebook topic data

Privacy-first approach to Facebook Topic Data

User identity protected. No PII ever exposed.

Privacy-first approach to Facebook Topic Data
  • Social data never leaves Facebook
    Social data is processed by DataSift technology running inside Facebook’s network.
  • User-identity is removed before processing
    User identity is removed from social data before processing by DataSift technology.
  • Results provided in aggregate, anonymized
    Only summary results containing 100 or more individual’s data are delivered by DataSift.
  • 30-day retention period of underlying social data
    Social data deleted after retention period ends.
  • Prevents analysis of minors
    Minimum age applies for data collected for analysis.

How can I use PYLON for Facebook Topic Data?

For our customers, PYLON use cases are almost limitless. But here’s
how a few of them take advantage of this new technology.

Share of voice

How often are my products mentioned,
compared with my competitors’ products?

Audience research

What are the demographics of people
who talk about a particular subject?

Market research

What are people saying about my brand,
as well as my competitors and industry?

Campaign effectiveness

What do the public think of our
marketing campaign?


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