Terms & Conditions

Customer Support Policy

DataSift is committed to providing an outstanding platform and outstanding customer support. Our technical support guidelines can be found below.

1. Scope

DataSift’s technical support covers the use of the DataSift platform, and DataSift’s official API client libraries. What we support is limited to the following:


  • Answering queries regarding the general use of DataSift.
  • Providing links to examples and suggested documentation pages.
  • Troubleshooting account and billing issues.
  • Help diagnosing any network or connection issues between your application and the DataSift APIs.

Not Covered

  • Debugging applications built around our APIs.
  • CSDL writing or optimization services are not available through technical support, though these services can be arranged separately. Email contact@datasift.com for more details.

2. Who can use DataSift support?

3. Support Channels

DataSift has a number of different official support channels:


DataSift’s comprehensive documentation resources are available at dev.datasift.com. This includes:

  • Detailed technical documentation that explains how to use our APIs and CSDL language at dev.datasift.com/docs.
  • Technical blog posts showcasing our features and functionality, containing several examples and suggested use cases at dev.datasift.com/blog.

Community Support

A community support forum is available at dev.datasift.com/discussions. This is primarily for peer-to-peer support, but is monitored by DataSift Support staff, who may respond at DataSift’s discretion.


At DataSift we are all huge fans of Twitter, and as such monitor DataSift’s official Twitter accounts. Though similar to the community support channel, responses to support issues raised through Twitter can not be guaranteed. Our officialTwitter accounts are:

  • @DataSift - The official DataSift Twitter account.
  • @DataSiftDev - DataSift Developer account, releasing news regarding product updates, bug fixes, and technical articles such as DataSift tutorials.
  • @DataSiftAPI - An automated account, publishing announcements about the status of the DataSift platform.
  • @DataSiftNews - Latest news and conversations around DataSift.


Our Support help desk is available at support.datasift.com. This is primarily for subscription customers, but our support team will try to reply to every message received here.

4. Hours of Operation

We have support teams in our offices in both San Francisco, CA, and Reading, UK. As such, our support help desk is covered from 9:00am - 5:30pm in both the US West Coast and UK timezones (excluding public holidays in the respective countries). Support tickets can be raised at any time, day or night.

The DataSift platform is monitored 24/7, and covered by a Service Level Agreement. Details at datasift.com/terms/sla.

5. Proactive Monitoring

The DataSift platform is monitored 24/7 by a series of automated systems and a dedicated Operations team. Any issues affecting our network, data streams or augmentations are immediately identified and resolved by our Operations team.

In the event of platform issues or downtime, a notification is posted on status.datasift.com, and we automatically Tweet about the issue through @DataSiftAPI. We include a short description of the issue, and its severity.

6. Premium Support

Premium support is available for subscription customers.