Brand marketers

Create new opportunities for your brand.


Uncover unique insights about your brand

Marketers today need to get closer to their customer segment, create more effective marketing campaigns, and generate content that sticks to its audience. DataSift delivers social intelligence that can drive your digital and cross-channel marketing strategy ahead of your competition.

Market segment research
Market segment research

Understand your target market in terms of demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, attitudes and more.

Data-driven campaign
Data-driven campaign

Inform new campaign and monitor campaign performance with new audience insights.

Revamp content marketing
Revamp content marketing

Develop engaging content and creatives for both outbound ads and inbound traffic.


Gain full access to the largest
community of professionals

LinkedIn has become the definitive marketing platform for brands and agencies to reach and engage premium professional audiences that drive decisions for their businesses.

With more than 22,000 interactions being made with content on the LinkedIn newsfeed every minute, LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to drive engagement and leads for their business.

How PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights works


How can I use PYLON for Facebook Topic Data?

Personal care brand builds new creative for advertisement

A global personal care brand used Facebook topic data to better understand how consumers engaged with its brand and a new market entrant. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Ad agency drives unique insight for an automaker

An ad agency working with an automaker used Facebook topic data to understand more about their audience and their behavior. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

Music festival drive higher video completion rates

An ad tech partner working with a music festival organizer used Facebook topic data to improve A global brand used Facebook topic data to manage reputation when a protest campaign video went viral. WATCH THE VIDEO | DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY


How do I sign up?

DataSift works with industry leading social analytics companies to bring you the full power of Facebook topic data. Visit our partner portal to see if your social partner already signed up for Facebook topic data or contact one of our partners to gain full access to Facebook topic data.