We use DataSift to provide our customers with those most influential in promoting their content via Twitter.
Robert Slifka, VP of Engineering, Sharethrough

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

  • Sharethrough’s engineering team has brought two distinct product offerings to market by focusing on their core business and relying on DataSift's platform to provide business critical social data reliability.
  • DataSift enables Sharethrough to identify top Twitter influencers for clients by filtering for particular content and tracking unique tweets that have garnered the most retweets.
  • Sharethrough won a key client's business because DataSift was able to assist in accessing Historic Twitter data and accurately pinpointing influencer information from past campaigns.


Sharethrough is the leading provider of native advertising technology solutions for brands and publishers. Brands and their agencies use the Sharethrough software platform to disseminate their branded content (videos, sponsored articles and posts, and custom creative assets) within the content feeds of top websites on desktop and mobile. Publishers like Forbes, PEOPLE and hundreds of others use the Sharethrough platform to create, manage and monetize their websites with native, in-feed ads.

Business Challenge

Sharing is a core value proposition for the Sharethrough native ad platform. Part of the value Sharethrough provides is to help advertisers gain insight into the conversation that occurs around their brand content and to help them identify and mobilize key brand advocates.

Sharethrough needed to find a social data provider that was reliable, responsive and had an infrastructure robust enough to deliver information this crucial to our business. Partnerships with past social data providers proved to be unsuccessful due to the unreliability of data delivery.

A valuable element of Sharethrough's platform is tracking engagement of a customer's content across multiple social channels. We use DataSift to provide our customers with those most influential in promoting their content via Twitter.

Robert Slifka, VP of Engineering, Sharethrough

DataSift Solution

Today, the DataSift platform powers multiple Sharethrough products:

Social Activity Stream: DataSift provides Sharethrough with a live stream of the tweets related to content run distributed on the Sharethrough native exchange. It allows Sharethrough's clients to see what people are saying about their campaign in real-time.

Global Share Tracking: DataSift enables Sharethrough's clients to identify the top influencers that have promoted a particular piece of brand content on Twitter by tracking unique tweets that have garnered the most retweets. Furthermore, the DataSift Historics product enables Sharethrough to identify people who were influential in past brand campaigns.

Sharethrough uses social data to provide clients with valuable insights about their influencers. The Historics preview feature is exciting because it allows us to test these queries for influencers in minutes before we run kick off costly analyses spanning months of data.

Robert Slifka, VP of Engineering, Sharethrough

The Results

By incorporating DataSift products into Sharethrough's business offering, Sharethrough has been able to provide its clients enormous insight into both their creative executions as well as their ad distribution performance. The DataSift platform has provided reliability and ease of integration that has enabled the Sharethrough engineering team to focus on their core business of developing the next generation of native ad serving technology.

DataSift has responded to Sharethrough's evolving needs, often creating custom solutions and proactively ensuring that they’re getting the most value from the platform. For example, DataSift was able to help Sharethrough illustrate the unique and valuable social insights for a particular client. DataSift spent 3-4 days investigating an Historics query to ensure it accurately found the correct influencers from a past campaign. This led to information about that brand’s advocates that ultimately won Sharethrough the business.


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