We find that DataSift provides us with a very accessible, and quick delivery of the social data that our customers want, and that we need to deliver high quality predictive analytics.
Mark Zohar, CEO & Co-founder, TrendSpottr

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

  • TrendSpottr turns social media data into actionable early signals with a predictive analytics application.
  • DataSift has enabled TrendSpottr to offer advanced filters and augmentations, additional data sources and new capabilities.
  • Since integrating DataSift, TrendSpottr clients have significantly reduced the time it takes to find value in social data streams.


TrendSpottr is a cloud-based predictive analytics company that identifies and predicts trends from real-time data streams. TrendSpottr launched at the prestigious DEMO Conference, was selected by ComputerWorld as one of the Top 20 Tech Products and was featured in The New York Times. Find out more: www.trendspottr.com.

Predict Trends In Real Time With Big Data

TrendSpottr turns social media data into actionable early signals with a predictive analytics application that identifies the most timely and trending information from any big data stream. Their core technology analyzes real-time data streams such as Twitter and Facebook and spots emerging trends at their earliest acceleration point – hours or days before they have become “popular” and reached mainstream awareness.

TrendSpottr Signal
TrendSpottr’s flagship application serves as a predictive early warning system for Fortune 500 companies, PR and digital agencies, news and media organizations and financial institutions and helps them to identify emerging news, events and issues that have high viral potential and market impact.

TrendSpottr’s DataSift Trends

This solution surfaces emerging trends from any DataSift stream in real-time allowing DataSift customers to instantly derive actionable and predictive insights from their streams.

Project Requirements

TrendSpottr found that in addition to augmenting the data they use within their applications, there was a market demand by customers who already access social data streams to turn those data streams into value right away, without the need for heavy technical work. To solve this need, TrendSpottr sought a data platform that could provide them with:

  • Multiple data sources within a single stream
  • Advanced filtering capabilities (like geo-fencing) for more relevant streams
  • Demographic enriched data
Working with DataSift has really allowed us to extend the type of datasets we can do predictive analytics on and the capabilities we can offer.

Mark Zohar, CEO & Co-founder, TrendSpottr

Why TrendSpottr Chose DataSift

Working with DataSift, TrendSpottr is able to easily define streams, pinpoint the data their customers need and have that quickly delivered into their application for analysis. DataSift was the clear leader for them in three key areas:

Data Access.

TrendSpottr currently applies their predictive analytics to Twitter and Facebook data, but recognizes the value in expanding that coverage as trends shift over time. DataSift gives them a solid foundation to do that by making it simple to add new sources, like Tumblr, in the future without having to write new filters or access a new API endpoint.

Data Quality.

The historical data, demographic information and geo location that DataSift provides are incredibly important to TrendSpottr as they calculate their predictive model and apply it to score the future popularity of social content. By providing that within the same stream as their real-time data, DataSift makes it easy for TrendSpottr to apply and adapt their analysis over time.

Data Flexibility.

Utilizing the multiple ways that DataSift enables data delivery, TrendSpottr can work with their customers to either deliver a packaged solution of social data within their application, or allow customers to create their own customized filters within DataSift and then deliver the resulting data stream into a TrendSpottr dashboard for analysis.

Since integrating DataSift, TrendSpottr’s clients have realized a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes them to derive value and insights from their social data streams and proactively prepare for and optimize key strategic initiatives, such as: * Crisis Management * Trend Intelligence * Real-Time Content Creation * Viral News Discovery * Competitive Intelligence & Market Research * Influencer & Advocate Marketing


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