On Demand Webinar

Advanced Classification to Social Data with VEDO

Advanced Classification to Social Data with VEDO On Demand Webinar


If you’re struggling with questions like, “Where are my customers in the buying cycle?”, “How important is this message?”, or “Is this user interested in my program?”—then watch this webinar. You’ll learn how data categorization with Vedo enables you to add business context to social data, making it more actionable and ready for deeper analysis.

By adding hierarchical tagging and scoring to posts, blogs and tweets, you can deliver data with more meaning to your application, use tagging to build deep taxonomies and reduce development effort and resources.

  • Speakers: Jay Krall, Director of Product Management, DataSift, Richard Caudle, Platform Evangelist, DataSift, and Mike Ostman, Senior VP Engineering & Technology, ShareRocket
  • Introduction to Vedo Focus, a game-changing text classification engine that categorizes the entire real-time firehose of social media data into a taxonomy of half a million topics
  • Learn how ShareRocket, the social media ratings company, uses Vedo to increase the relevance of data

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