On Demand Webinar

Dig Deeper into Content Engagement with DataSift + Bitly

Dig Deeper into Content Engagement with DataSift + Bitly On Demand Webinar


Watch now and learn how to exploit the true power of Bitly. Combine the DataSift Human Data platform with the URL shortening service and you can look at social conversations and click data together. You understand what is being clicked on, where it is popular—and when.

You see who is engaging with stories and which items of news are resonating. This gives you a way to create content that’s really engaging for users and also have a better way to measure their influence. And it’s all in real-time.

  • Speakers: Brad Hubbard, Project Manager, DataSift and Rob Platzer, CTO, Bitly
  • Learn how Links augmentation looks at any Bitly link and resolves it to the final endpoint
  • Understand how to integrate the Bitly fire hose into the DataSift platform
  • See DataSift and Bitly in action in real-world business scenarios

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