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Diversify Your Data Sources to Make Better Decisions

Diversify Your Data Sources to Make Better Decisions White paper

Extracting meaningful information from more data sources

We all share an abundant volume and variety of information through social media, news, blogs and other channels. Tap into this knowledge and you can identify facts such as gender, occupation, location and age. You can discern emotions, likes, dislikes and intentions. In short, this human data contains details about both the individuals themselves and what they are communicating.

To turn this streaming human data into meaning, you need to monitor multiple sources. In this compelling ebook, we explore how a single platform that accesses the complete source of social, blog and news data unifies all this data and unlocks its meaning. So you can make better decisions by including human meaning information in your BI tools, business and social applications. Leverage intelligence like brand management and voice of the customer across the business. And create new products and services offering high value to your customers.

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