On Demand Webinar

Five Things You Didn't Know DataSift Can Do

Five Things You Didn't Know DataSift Can Do On Demand Webinar


There are billions of human interactions on social media every day. How do you tune in to extract value from disparate and unstructured pieces of social data?

DataSift was built to solve this very problem. The platform unifies all the types of social, news and blogs data in a single place. And our unique coding language helps you find meaning in the data faster. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Speaker: Brad Hubbard, Product Mananger, Developer Relations, DataSift
  • The basics of the DataSift Platform
  • What types of data you can access and query on our platform (hint: there are LOTS!)
  • How you can enrich social data with DataSift in terms of context, sentiment, demographics and links content
  • Our magic ingredients - CSDL and VEDO that revolutionize social data analysis

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