On Demand Webinar

How the News Shapes Public Perception:
A Critical Part of the Data Mix

How the News Shapes Public Perception:<br />A Critical Part of the Data Mix On Demand Webinar


News is a noisy data set. Terabytes of data daily, a huge variety of data—mostly unstructured—and mostly generated in real-time. However news sources play a central role in shaping public perception of a topic. Harness news sources and you gain insight into brand health, generate revenue, satisfy more customers and innovate.

Watch this webinar and find out how to filter WordPress, LexisNexis and other news sources with precision. Learn how news shapes public perception and fits into the data mix. And discover how the DataSift Human Data platform eliminates time-consuming data post-processing, so you can focus purely on your apps or analysis.

  • Speakers: Dawn Engle, Client Manager, LexisNexis, Jonathan Chavez, Chief Analytics Officer, SocialSphere, and Jason Rose, SVP of Marketing, DataSift
  • Learn more about the increasingly porous line between news and user generated content
  • Why ignoring news sources increases business risk
  • Understand the new signals to look out for

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