On Demand Webinar

How To Visualize Social Data From DataSift With Tableau

How To Visualize Social Data From DataSift With Tableau On Demand Webinar


“What’s inside the data?” is a common question that’s asked once the DataSift Human Data platform has aggregated, enriched and filtered social data. This webinar explores how Tableau enables you to see inside your data: creating flexible and powerful interactive visualizations, based on the DataSift social content.

You’ll learn how DataSift and Tableau lets you bring relevance to those three billion posts per day, deliver social monitoring and advanced analytics in minutes—all via interactive, straightforward visualizations. Combine insight from social and business data so users at every role and level of your business are empowered to make better business decisions.

  • Speaker: Tim Shea, Data Scientist and Sales Engineer, DataSift
  • Explore how DataSift and Tableau make social data understandable to ordinary people
  • Watch the demonstration of DataSift and Tableau in action—how to create social streams in DataSift and build basic monitoring dashboards in Tableau

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