On Demand Webinar

Improved Speed & Accuracy With DataSift Demographics

Improved Speed & Accuracy With DataSift Demographics On Demand Webinar


Without a better demographic breakdown of your audience, you are left with graphs that show the sentiment and volume of conversations. It’s not clear whether the audience you are trying to reach socially is the one that’s actually engaging with you.

This webinar shows how DataSift Demographics turns human demographic data intomeaning that you can distill into actionable insight. That way you create a deeper, more dynamic demographic picture of your audience engaging on Twitter about your brand, engaging with your company, or talking about your product.

  • Speakers: Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift & Paul Hallet, CEO & Co-founder, Demographics Pro
  • Learn how to access detailed demographic data about Twitter users with your DataSift account—more quickly, more accurately and at less cost than traditional research techniques
  • Find out how LuluLemon is using Demographics to understand more about its brand and accelerate decision making

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