On Demand Webinar

Introducing VEDO: DataSift's Next Generation Processing Engine

Introducing VEDO: DataSift's Next Generation Processing Engine On Demand Webinar


Processing unstructured data takes innovation resources away from product development, but it’s where we excel. Watch this webinar to learn how DataSift VEDO enables you to offload this processing onto the DataSift platform. So you can create rules to add metadata to your data before it reaches your application.

You’ll learn how DataSift VEDO delivers data with meaning to your organization, matches data to your business model and reduces development effort. Plus you’ll discover how to use tagging to build deep taxonomies, use scoring to model subtle concepts and reuse rules across your projects.

  • Speakers: Jay Krall, Technical Product Manager, DataSift and Richard Caudle, Platform Evangelist, DataSift
  • Watch the live presentation of DataSift VEDO in action, including Tagging and Scoring in action
  • Begin to answer questions such as, “Where are my customers in the buying cycle?”, “How important is this message?”, and “Is this user interested in my program?”

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