On Demand Webinar

Licensed News Content from LexisNexis

Licensed News Content from LexisNexis On Demand Webinar


The LexisNexis content provided via DataSift includes 21,000 new sources from 150+ countries—newspapers, magazines, newsletters and blogs. This webinar highlights the benefits of this licensed news content, why LexisNexis is such a compelling proposition over other providers and explore a compelling use case concerning human trafficking risks.

You’ll also discover how DataSift is partnering with LexisNexis to provide filtered access to LexisNexis’ fully copyright compliant feed of content from news sources. The result? The complete picture of published news sources.

  • Speakers: Chris Parsons, Technical Product Marketing Manager, DataSift, Dawn Engle, Client Manager, LexisNexis
  • Learn how to add published news information to your social data to provide greater context of issues and events
  • Spot important trends, new opportunities and potential threats and act on them before anyone else
  • Use SmartIndexing technology to filter on standard index terms rather than only word strings

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