On Demand Webinar

Marketers, Rev Your Engines:
Facebook Topic Data is Available Now

Marketers, Rev Your Engines:<br />Facebook Topic Data is Available Now On Demand Webinar


Topic data is what people share and engage with directly in their Facebook news feeds, and for the first time it is now available through a number of DataSift certified social companies and agencies listed on our partner portal. This is the first time that you as a marketer or agency can define a topic (your brand, competitors, events, etc.) and understand the audience around that topic.

Jason Rose, DataSift's SVP Marketing, will host our next live webinar where brand marketers and agencies will learn:

  • How Facebook topic data enables you to understand more about your target audience
  • About new strategies to reach targeted demographics that we revealed for a major automotive launch using analyzing topic data
  • How you can be one of the first to begin leveraging topic data from Facebook’s 1.44 Billion monthly active users

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