On Demand Webinar

Navigating The Challenges Of Social Data

Navigating The Challenges Of Social Data On Demand Webinar


If this is your first social data integration project—this compelling webinar is here to help. Jay Krall and Richard Caudle from DataSift demonstrate how to tackle the challenges of social data integration, setting you up for success and the development of killer applications.

You’ll learn how aggregating public social data squeezes more value from social data, without a big infrastructure investment. You’ll discover how to simplify integration with REST APIs for popular social sites. How advanced augmentation creates competitive advantage. And how filtering tames the firehose.

  • Speakers: Jay Krall, Technical Product Manager, DataSift and Richard Caudle, Platform Evangelist, DataSift
  • Watch the live presentation of DataSift in action, including a precision filtering demo
  • Explore the value of full API access and how DataSift simplifies data delivery

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