On Demand Webinar

Open Data Processing for Twitter

Open Data Processing for Twitter On Demand Webinar


DataSift customers migrating to Gnip for Twitter data will notice there are many feature gaps. One big advantage of our platform is that you can augment, filter and classify data consistently across all of your sources.

To help make your transition as smooth as possible, and to help you to continue to use our platform features we have released a solution that lets you process your Twitter data via DataSift and allows you to continue to use our features going forward. While DataSift will not be interfacing directly with Gnip, this solution will allow you to post-process Twitter data with DataSift so that you can continue to:

  • Augment data adding link metadata, sentiment and VEDO FOCUS topics
  • Filter data, refining the dataset you receive from Gnip using full CSDL features
  • Classify data, applying tags, scores and machine learning using VEDO
  • Deliver data to your destinations using push connectors

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