On Demand Webinar

Staying on the Right Side of the Fence
when Analyzing Human Data

Staying on the Right Side of the Fence<br />when Analyzing Human Data On Demand Webinar


Data is all around us and comes from many different sources. This data is generated by human behavior and it’s growing at an astonishing rate. Companies are collecting this data and using it in ways they could have never imagined.

This brings a sense of unease among people that their intimate information is no longer their own. Yet this data is central to companies ability to better serve customers, but it is necessary that companies find the balance and honor customers privacy. How can we strike the balance?

In this webinar and you will learn:

  • About the current and future challenges in this data-rich world
  • How to be a good guy, and still achieve your business objectives while analyzing Human Data
  • About PYLON for Facebook Topic Data and how you can build insights from Facebook while protecting user privacy

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