Platform overview

Turn human interactions into actionable insights.


Tap into the hidden value of Human Data

The value of human data is estimated at $1.3 trillion but most of it is untapped. We are here to change that and help you extract and create more value in the ever expanding universe of human data.

Largest human data set
Largest human data set

We are your one stop shop - from social networks to blogs to message boards.

Smarter data
Smarter data

We aggregate, normalize, and enrich the data so you can focus on developing insights.

Relevant data
Relevant data

We created a filtering language and a classification engine so you can pinpoint the data you need with precision.


The technology behind the most advanced
Human Data platform

DataSift’s platform connects to a real-time feed of human data, uncovers insights with sophisticated data augmentation, filtering and classification engine, and provides the data for analysis with the appropriate privacy protocol required by the data sources.

The technology behind the most advanced Human Data platform


Most extensive Human Data sources

Whether it's public opinion on Tumblr or sentiment on message boards, DataSift’s platform
connects you to billions of data points created daily across numerous data sources.

Non-public data sources

Non-public data sources

DataSift connects to non-public data sources such as LinkedIn to provide aggregated and anonymized statistical data that upholds consumer trusts. Access multi-dimensional data attributes including topics, demographics, links, engagement, sentiment and more for audience insights.

Public data sources

Public data sources

DataSift connects to public data sources such as Tumblr, blogs and news and provides historical or real-time data, feeds, or firehoses with one REST API for 100% licensed access to a deduped data stream. Our platform normalizes data upfront, making it easy to build and maintain advanced filters across different kinds of data.


Most advanced processing

DataSift wants to eliminate the need for time-consuming data post-processing
for you, so you can focus purely on your apps or analysis.


We infuse messy Human Data with relevant augmentation to make it easier and faster for you to get to the insight you want to uncover. Access hundreds of metadata fields and refine your searches by topic, sentiment, language, gender, links or other relevant factors. LEARN MORE


We created a flexible and intuitive filtering language called CSDL (Curated Stream Definition Language). Extract the exact data you need and filter the signal from the noise using advanced text-matching operators such as regular expressions, substrings and wildcards. LEARN MORE


We created VEDO, our advanced classification engine. Mark useful patterns in data upfront using straightforward tagging and scoring and categorize interactions based on pre-set criteria, machine learned models or classifiers you write yourself. LEARN MORE


Most tailored delivery methods

DataSift provides robust connectors and easy integration to
deliver Human Data at scale and on your terms.

Aggregated and anonymized index for non-public data sets

Output results are returned in simple JSON files that are relatively small and easy to ingest for your apps and analysis. Extract unique intelligence without building new infrastructure while protecting consumer privacy. LEARN MORE

Real-time and historic feed and public data streams

Your output can be delivered to over a dozen data destinations including popular data storage solutions using pre-built integrations or APIs. We guarantee secure, low-latency access delivery. LEARN MORE


Start leveraging the hidden value
of Human Data.

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