Data destinations

Deliver data where you need it most

With the DataSift Social Data Platform, you can push data into a wide variety of commonly used data storage solutions using pre-built integrations or APIs.

Ready Custom Options

Leverage our APIs to either stream data in real-time into your applications or pull data at your own pace.

Guaranteed Data Delivery

Using our buffering and pause-and-resume data delivery techniques, we ensure that you never miss any important data.

Easy Integration

Integrate with popular BI tools, applications and developer tools to deliver social data into your business - on your terms.

Our Data Destinations

We make data delivery easy with our wide range of Data Destinations.

Pull Connector

The Pull connector enables you to retrieve your output at your own pace through a REST API. It’s a great option for on-premise integrations.

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The HTTP connector allows you to transfer data to any endpoint with Webhook requests at regular intervals.

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Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value data store. It supports lists of strings, a feature well suited to real-time social data.

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MongoDB is an open source, NoSQL database. Utilizing dynamic schemas for greater flexibility and leveraged by organizations like eBay and Craiglist, it’s a popular choice for large-scale data management projects.

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CouchDB is a NoSQL database which stores data in JSON format. Geared toward document storage, it supports multi-version concurrency control and comes with a web-based administration console.

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Amazon Dynamo DB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast, fully managed NoSQL database service. Available globally in all of Amazon Web Services availability zones, it reduces the administrative costs of maintaining a distributed database cluster.

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Google Big Query

Google BigQuery is Google's proprietary analytics service in the cloud, specifically designed to provide interactive querying capability on massive amounts of data (petabytes and billions of rows). It is based on battle tested Dremel and makes use of Google's Data Center Infrastructure. Simply move your data into Google BigQuery and start querying that data using SQL-like queries or RESTful APIs. BigQuery supports realtime data ingestion and querying on BigData at scale.

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Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable file system in the Amazon Web Services cloud. It’s easy to configure and allows users to organizes files into multiple buckets.

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard protocol for transmitting files across the Internet. DataSift allows you to receive your output via FTP using intervals and maximum file sizes you specify.

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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) allows you to receive your data via FTP with Secure Shell (SSH) protection for additional security.

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ZoomData is a real-time analytics platform. It offers both a pre-configured visualization library and a studio for building customized visualizations.

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ElasticSearch is a distributed, RESTful, real-time search server. It’s great for use cases that rely on scalable document search.

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Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is an operational intelligence platform. Integrate social data for analysis alongside your real-time transactional and customer experience metrics.

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The MySQL Push connectors allow you to send data to any MySQL database, the worlds most popular open source database, either on your own hardware or one of the database-as-a-service offerings such as Amazon Relational Database Service.

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The PostgreSQL Push connectors allow you to send data to any PostgreSQL database, the powerful, open source object-relational database system, either on your own hardware or one of the database-as-a-service offerings such as Amazon Relational Database Service.

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