Data enrichment

Giving human data meaning

With billions of interactions being generated by social networks, to extract meaningful insight it’s vital to have access to the context surrounding conversations. Our enrichments give you access to rich context information allowing you to dig deeper and extract greater value.

Add Context, Find Perspective

Enrichments increase the value of human data by adding context to provide the perspective and meaning needed to truly make sense of it.

Real Time Enhancement

Our platform processes and enhances every post in real-time, attaching valuable metadata and delivering it to you at record speeds.

Improved Filtering

Our enrichments take your queries way beyond simple keyword filtering. Build richer filters and cover new use cases you never thought possible.

Our Data Enrichments

Benefit from our expertise and simplify the social solution. We offer a wide range of enrichments solving key challenges such as language detection and sentiment scoring so you don’t have to.

Language Detection

We detect over 140 languages in real time and also provide confidence scores giving you full control to filter to languages relevant to your project.

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Our platform gives each post a score indicating whether the content is positive, negative or neutral, allowing you to understand the emotion of the conversation. (Supports English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.)

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We detect the gender of the user who created the Tweet, Post, or Comment.

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Topic Detection

We use natural language processing to identify high-level topics mentioned in a post (e.g. sports, banking, fashion). Filter to only posts that are related to your sector.

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Entity Extraction

We identify products, companies, people and places mentioned in conversations. Easily identify posts discussing brands, location and personalities that match your use case.

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