A deeper picture of your brand's social audience.

You're engaging socially, but are you reaching your target market?

DataSift Demographics solves one of the biggest challenges faced by companies trying to track and analyze social conversations – how do you build a more dynamic picture of the market segment that is passionate about your brand, engaging with your company, or talking about your product?

Understand Your Customers

Without a better demographic breakdown of your audience, you are left to look at graphs that show the sentiment and volume of conversations, without being able to diagnose whether the audience you are trying to reach socially is the one that’s actually engaging with you.

See Demographics In Action

Like Coffee? See the demographic breakdown of Starbucks social customers.

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Extend your social analysis with demographic-derived insights

DataSift Demographics provides companies with a unique capability to create a deeper demographic picture of the audience engaging about a specific topic, trend or brand.

For example, following a product-launch, DataSift Demographics allows you to segment the conversations about the product to identify the sentiment from your target market-segment versus the whole market. This allows you to focus your analysis, and understand how your product resonates with different customer types.

Embed Demographic Data Into Your App

With DataSift Demographics, you can easily add a structured, ready-to-analyze stream of demographic data for each filter running on the DataSift Social Data Platform. Developers can use the demographic data out of the box or leverage our APIs to power more intelligent insights in their social apps.

Take a look at our developer documentation for more details on the format, contents and APIs for Demographics.

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