Data filtering

Relevance refined

The vast quantity of human data being generated every second is overwhelming. To extract high quality insight, you need to rapidly discover and focus on only those conversations that are actually relevant. Addressing this challenge, our platform takes you far beyond simple keyword searches allowing you to filter data with precision - saving you time and data costs.

Go Beyond Keywords

Search more than 300 unique fields, such as author, location, language and demographics across dozens of social platforms.

Search Better

Use advanced operations such as regular expressions, contextual search, text pattern matching, substrings, and more to get the data that is most relevant.

Filter Multiple Sources

Save time by applying a single filter across multiple data sources, for both historical and real-time data filtering.

DataSift provides a simple solution to consume highly enriched human data, allowing us to focus on building innovative new features for our applications.
Adam Root, Co-Founder & CTO, HipLogiq

Powerful Search Tools

  • Query Builder

    Access the full power of our platform without pulling in your technical team. Our Query Builder tool lets you interrogate data by designing queries visually and immediately realising business value.

    • Visual and Intuitive

      With Query Builder you will be writing your first queries in seconds. Waste no time seeing the power of human data and immediately start prototyping your solution.

    • Simple, Yet Powerful

      Despite it’s deceptively simple design, Query Builder gives you full access to all data sources and properties, allowing you to build exceptionally powerful queries.

    • Embeddable

      Query Builder is made available under an open source license. Modify and embed the interface within your application. Save yourself development time and empower your users.

  • CSDL

    CSDL is a programming language that sits at the heart of the Datasift platform. This powerful language has been developed to solve the complexities of dealing with a wide range of data sources. CSDL gives Datasift customers the power to tackle the most complex use cases with precision.

    • Filter with Precision

      Data cleansing is 90% of all Data Science. CSDL allows you to build extremely precise queries with advanced operators and logic to filter data to your exactly business needs.

    • Filter Without Limits

      Whether you want to track a few keywords or a dozen topics, our platform handles the complexity effortlessly.

    • Comprehensive API Access

      Our API gives you full access to create and update filters on the fly. Build highly-integrated dynamic solutions with the ability to respond to user input and breaking trends.