Real-time and Historic access to Disqus comments, votes, and edits.

Disqus is a free commenting service that enables great online communities. As the web’s most popular discussion system, Disqus is used by millions of websites that cover pretty much any topic imaginable, including many of the web’s best-known news and blog sites.
3m+ active site installs
11B+ monthly pageviews
140m+ user profiles
200m+ votes, comments, and edits per month

DataSift + Disqus

Many DataSift sources (including LexisNexis, Wordpress, Blogs, and Boards) are using Disqus to engage their audience. With access to the full Disqus firehose, and coupled with DataSift's Links Augmentation, you can capture every angle of a conversation across brands, topics, and keywords.

Add Context to News + Blogs

Understand the audience's response to news and blog content by seeing how and what the public is saying.

Extract Metadata

Dig deeper than the surface content to access information on the topics, users, and interactions that matter to your users.

Go Back In Time

Access Disqus Historics to play back the conversation as it happened.

Disqus comments give you a deeper understanding of news and blogs by providing a critical component: the thoughts and reactions of the audience.
Brad Hubbard, Product Manager, DataSift

Disqus Overview

An overview of everything Disqus provides

Pricing $2.00 per 1'000
Users 140+ million active users
Interactions 200+ million per day
Real-time 200ms per interaction
Historics Since October 2014
Firehose Full Firehose Access
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