The complete picture of published news sources.

The single, most powerful, global news and business information service. LexisNexis provides the breadth and depth of information to put your social insight in context.
Data from more than 20,000 media outlets
400,000 content items per day
Data from more than 160+ countries
Newspapers, Newswire, Magazines, Journals and more

DataSift + LexisNexis

Getting a complete picture of all the information regarding opportunities and threats to your business has always been a continuing challenge. The LexisNexis news data source enables you to:

Putting Social insight into context

Add the wealth of published news information to your social data to provide greater context of issues and events.

Identifying Risks and Opportunities

Spot important trends, new opportunities and potential threats and act on them before anyone else.

Better Filtering

With LexisNexis own SmartIndexing technology you can filter on standard index terms rather than only word strings

LexisNexis Overview

An overview of everything LexisNexis provides

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Interactions 400,000+ items per day
Interactions 20,000+ media outlets
Coverage 160+ Countries
Historics Historics coming soon
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