Full firehose access to Tumblr posts, reblogs and likes.


Why Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the world's fastest growing social networks.

• 94% YOY growth in number of users
Best reach of Millenials market
• 277.8 million blogs
• 128.8 billion posts

Why tumblr?

Real-time and historic access
to the full Tumblr firehose

DataSift brings advanced processing features to enhance the value of your Tumblr solution. Discover topics, links, sentiment, or language of your audience with DataSift enrichments. Go beyond keyword filters with wildcard, regex and word proximity searches. Create custom scoring and classifiers to add business context. Uncover hidden patterns and trends with historic data.

Real-time and historic access to the full Tumblr firehose

How it works

DataSift’s platform connects to the real-time feed of Tumblr's firehose, enriches the data with links and metadata augmentations, allows you to filter and classify data for actionable insights and finally delivers to you with a variety of data connectors.

How Dataisft connects to the real-time feed of Tumblr


Access to deeper analytics on Tumblr with DataSift represents a huge opportunity for brands to better understand audiences, refine campaigns and bring their unique stories to life.

AARON STROUT, Managing Director, W2O

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