Understand the Past, Drive Future Impact

DataSift Historics provides access to billions of historical social posts giving you perspective on trends.

How You Can Use Historics

News organizations, brands, and researchers already use social media to understand the impact of important events – whether it’s the Oscars, breaking news or a product launch.

Business Intelligence

Improve forecasting of product demand by analyzing market sentiment towards their product compared to product launches in the past.

Social News Organizations

Surface the most retweeted stories on the Internet. DataSift unpacks every short-url to understand what content is popular in the public social web.

Financial Trading

Analyze real-time and historical conversations around companies, stocks, sentiments and breaking news on social media to inform trading decisions.

Social Monitoring

Provide real-time and historical interactions to power Social Media Monitoring applications.

Social Marketing

Track public sentiment towards a marketing campaign to help you adjust the campaign and offers based on market feedback.

Public & Political Research

Research organizations can filter from petabytes of historical interactions to understand political and public opinion.

Historical Insight Across Multiple Data Sources

DataSift is the only social big data platform that gives you data from multiple social networks, news and blogs. Now you have access to even broader and deeper insight into social conversations, engagement, and trends.

Fast, Accurate Results

Your business can’t afford to wait around days to get data results. That’s why we’ve made Historics extremely fast, so you’ll have access to historical data in minutes or hours, not days.

  • Precise Results

    You want to make sure that the historical jobs you run will bear the results you expect.

  • Estimate Time & Volume

    With DataSift Historics, you can estimate data volume and completion time for a job and get a preview on 1% of your data set.

  • Historical Preview

    DataSift’s visual preview builder lets you choose from pre-built templates of common queries or create your own.

See Developer Resources
We use DataSift to provide our customers with a list of people most influential in promoting their content via Twitter. The Historics preview feature is exciting because it allows us to test these queries for influencers in minutes before we kick off costly analysis spanning months of data.
Robert Slifka, VP of Engineering, Sharethrough

Mine Hidden Insights

DataSift doesn’t just deliver raw data. We analyze each Tweet, bitly click, and public Facebook conversation to derive insights about language, demographics, sentiment, and entities and topics mentioned. This provides you with an unprecedented way to mine insights from social data.

Integrate Historic Insights Into Your Business

DataSift Historics provides both business user and developer interfaces to easily integrate historical insights across your business. DataSift's visual Query Builder enables non-technical users to easily create rich filters on the fly. You can use the same filter for both your real-time and historical queries. Query Builder is made available under an open source license, so you can modify it to fit your needs, and even embed it into your own applications.

Interested in Historics?

If you require more information or are interested in using DataSift Historics then our sales team are here to help.