Platform infrastructure

Scale, trust and reliability

DataSift powers a growing ecosystem of business-critical applications - from real-time stock trading, to emergency-response applications. By concentrating on the data-layer, we free you up to focus on how to analyze and take actions from human data signals.

Scale and Performance

Relentless growth needs limitless scale

The Datasift Platform has been designed from the ground up to embrace the exponential growth of human data - we see no sign of this trend slowing. We continually scale our platform to stay ahead of the curve, processing massive quantities of data in real-time and archiving interactions to our vast data warehouse.

1.5 BillionInteractions per day

2.4 PetabytesTotal data archive

2 TerabytesArchived per day

We are world-leaders in scale, processing billions of messages and adding terabytes to our data store every day. We take on this scale so you don’t have to.

Trust and Transparency

Bringing security to a chaotic world

The world of human data can seem lawless. We bring order and impose tough best practice to deliver solutions to customers with the most demanding criteria.

  • Full Control for Full Confidence

    We manage our entire infrastructure. This gives us full control over every component, port and security policy at all levels. We take ownership of our entire system to give you the best possible confidence in our data delivery and platform.

  • Certified Data Centers

    Our data centers meet a wide range of certifications including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. We are also able to offer EU customers EU-based services.

  • Demanding Enterprise Customers

    We work with the most demanding enterprise customers to deliver robust solutions, taking into account strict security and privacy constraints. With customers ranging from national governments to multi-national corporations, we religiously follow best practice to the letter.

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Enterprise grade service for every customer

You need a trusted partner to provide you with a robust, dependable solution. The Datasift platform is used worldwide by enterprise customers for business critical applications.

  • Enterprise Level Service

    As owners and operators of our own infrastructure we are able to offer customers a range of SLAs fully backed by our expert teams 24/7. Unlike many services we are not dependent on 3rd parties and are not susceptible to outages on platforms such as AWS.

  • Obsessive Monitoring

    Our operations team relentlessly monitors our systems. We collect thousands of data points every second to constantly tune system performance. We monitor end-to-end latency across the globe and proactively respond to any minimal drop in performance. We maintain the highest possible quality of service to ensure the success of your solution.

  • Redundant Infrastructure

    Even the most reliable components can go wrong. Our platform operates with a high level of redundancy so if the worst does happen, we can maintain our systems without our customers experiencing any drop in service.