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Self paced training


Self-paced training courses are available for technical and non-technical learners. Content includes bite-sized tutorials, demonstrations, quizzes, bookable 1:1 instructor sessions, and access to a lab environment to practice what you have learned.

Open Access
    • [DS-101] Understanding PYLON Concepts
    • [DS-111] Understanding Facebook Topic Data
    • [DS-112] Understanding Facebook Topic Data Use Cases
  • Stream
    • [DS-231] Implementing Stream
    • [DS-232] Implementing Stream for Managed Sources
Current Customers
    • [DS-211] Implementing PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

The level one courses (DS-1xx) cover the concepts of the platform and data sources. These are suitable for technical and non-technical learners. They include quizzes but not lab exercises.

The level two courses (DS-2xx) are designed for technical learners. They include API and programming examples. These courses may also include lab exercises with live access to the platform.

For immediate access to the open courses, create an account on the student portal. For access to the customer courses, contact with your company name after you have completed registration.