Product Overview

Grow Your Business With Human Data

The Challenges Of Human Data

The expansive volumes of human data created every day provides many opportunities - and challenges - for companies that want to uncover, analyze and act on insights. DataSift provides products tailored just to your needs.

Standardize Data

Not all human data is alike, standardizing content from different sources allows you to analyze it in a consistent way.

Filter For Signal

With the sheer volume of chatter, it's critical to cut out the noise and interpret the underlying meaning from the context of the human data.

Curate And Deliver

You need a way to categorize and deliver the data in a way that's easy for your business applications to consume.

DataSift is the backbone for our social media analytics platform, Social Net Advocacy (SNA). SNA enables Dell to monitor our brand advocacy translating social media conversations into a near real-time NPS score.
Shree Dandekar, Chief Strategist BI & Analytics, Dell

Your Strategic Platform For Human Data

Our platform has been built to support the fast-evolving world of human data by providing one platform that serves the varied business needs of companies looking to access and filter data from the world's social networks.

  • Developers

    • Filter And Categorize

      Automatically filter and categorize the countless social posts, conversations and comments about your brand to enable you to understand your social customers at scale.

    • Integrate

      You've already invested in Business Intelligence and analytics tools. Extend their value by delivering human data into your current systems and analyze human data alongside other business data.

    • Infuse

      Human data across your business systems to drive decisions - from supply chain to marketing.

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  • Agencies

    • Differentiate

      Respond to the increasing demand for social business solutions by embedding enriched and curated human data within your application.

    • Focus

      Increase customer value by focusing on product innovation, rather than on building the infrastructure to aggregate and manage human data.

    • Deliver

      Reduce time to market for new human data powered solutions.

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  • Enterprise

    • Optimize

      Make data-driven results a reality, build customized campaign reports using social information and performance.

    • Leverage

      Tap into trends, identify influencers and advocates, using human data to drive more effective campaigns for your clients.

    • Differentiate

      Go beyond the 'me-too' social dashboards to create unique, compelling solutions for your clients.

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