Create Differentiated Solutions For Your Clients

DataSift provides products tailored just to your needs.

Social Data For Agencies

As an agency, you’re always looking for ways to serve your clients better, whether that’s research, execution or measurement and optimization. Social media is a rich source of information to help you drive towards their goals, but it can pose some challenges.

Diversification Of Tools

From the social networks clients focus on, to the tools they use, there are so many variations, in so many formats, it can be hard to get any holistic or integrated view of activity.

Need For Customization

As the strategies you’re looking to execute get more sophisticated, you need the ability to go beyond out of the box capabilities to create unique solutions that speak to your client’s specific needs.

Limited Resources

Your team works around the clock to make your clients successful, you don’t have extra time to worry about aggregating and filtering social data - you need to skip right to analyzing it and putting it to work.

One of the big advantages of DataSift is you innovate quite quickly in getting new feeds in. And that allows us to experiment quickly, to see how content spreads across a network and then report back to our clients whether this is a place they need to invest in or not.
Steve King, Managing Director, Black Swan

The DataSift Advantage

Agencies are pairing the DataSift Social Data Platform with business intelligence or analytics tools to put social data to work for their clients - gathering market insights, building audience profiles, measuring results, optimizing campaigns and more. With DataSift you get the social data you need without having to worry about those technical challenges. That means you focus on what’s making your clients successful:

Create New Custom Solutions Faster

Access Rich And Relevant Social Data

  • Contextualize   your data with Klout score, sentiment, language, link content and more.
  • Leverage   demographics to get a more complete picture of who your social audience is.
  • Filter   using more than just keywords. Use any combination of author, location, language, data enrichments, demographics, metadata, and yes - keywords

Scale To The Power Of Social

  • Elastic   , cloud-based platform that was built for scale to handle large volumes of real-time data and immense numbers of sophisticated queries while delivering peak performance.
  • Deliver   the data into your database of choice with support for multiple data destinations including FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, MongoDB, Google Big Query, Splunk and more.