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DataSift provides products tailored just to your needs.

Social Data For Developers

There are a multitude of ways businesses want to access and act on social activity and app developers are responding to these needs, integrating and building on social data and developing niche markets across the social landscape. But in an industry as dynamic as social media, developers face some fundamental challenges.

Varying Formats

Social data is unstructured and can vary widely from network to network. If you don’t have a way to aggregate and standardize it, your team will be wasting cycles.

Changing Social Networks

With exponential growth of social networks and data expected to continue, you need to build for today while planning how to scale in the future.

A Need For Speed

In such an innovative and growing market, speed to market can be a huge competitive advantage.

DataSift provides a simple solution to consume highly enriched social data, allowing us to focus on building innovative new features for our applications.
Adam Root, Co-Founder & CTO, HipLogiq

The DataSift Advantage

Get the social data you need for your app without having to worry about or waste resources on these challenges using the DataSift Social Platform. That means you focus on what’s going to make your product successful:

Bring New Products To Market Faster

  • Access   normalized social data from thousands of sources.
  • Minimize   development needed to filter and process data with enrichments and categorization rules.
  • Shield   your developers from changes to APIs of the underlying social networks.

Add Rich And Relevant Social Data To Your App

  • Contextualize   your data with Klout score, sentiment, language, link content and more.
  • Leverage   demographics to get a more complete picture of who your social audience is.
  • Filter   using more than just keywords. Use any combination of author, location, language, data enrichments, demographics, metadata, and yes - keywords

Scale To The Power Of Social

  • Elastic   , cloud-based platform that was built for scale to handle large volumes of real-time data and immense numbers of sophisticated queries while delivering peak performance.
  • Deliver   the data into your database of choice with support for multiple Data Destinations including FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, MongoDB, Google Big Query, Splunk and more.