Extract Valuable Insights From The World’s Social Data.

With over two billion social interactions occurring each day, consumers are creating the largest repository of human interaction data in history.

Imagine the possibilities if you had uninhibited access to social data, enabling you to integrate it into your business. The DataSift platform makes that vision a reality for the world’s most innovative companies.
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Enterprise Grade Platform

Public APIs provide sporadic data access, and require you to do significant data integration. Given the rate of change, it's impossible to manage on your own. DataSift meets your volume, data integration, security, and compliance requirements with a single solution.

Centralized Access

  • Thousands of Sources   Collect real-time and historical data from the world's most popular social networks.
  • Unified API   Standardize data from the top social networks into a normalized format, combined in a single API stream.
  • Compliance   We validate your use case with the data source, and help you follow best practices with public customer data.

Contextualized Date

  • Precision Filters   Create sophisticated filters against over 300 unique fields & dynamically update parameters from existing reference data.
  • Enrichment   Uncover meaning with enrichments that enhance the data with details like demographics and links.
  • Classification   Add context automatically with custom taxonomies powered by our VEDO classification engine.

Enterprise Integration

  • Pre-Built Connectors   Seamlessly integrate with SQL databases, big data repositories and partner apps like SAP, Informatica, Tableau.
  • Guaranteed Delivery   Data buffering options ensure lossless data delivery into your systems at your pace.
  • Secure Connectivity   Limit account access by IP & activate connection security options like Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Guidance & Support: In addition to best-in-class documentation, our service packages, training classes and support teams are tailored to help you get the most out of your social data investment.

Incorporate social data into your business.